It's in the Bag (1944 film)

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It's in the Bag
"It's in the Bag".jpg
Film poster
Directed by Herbert Mason
Produced by F. W. Baker (unconfirmed)
Written by Con West (unconfirmed)
Starring Elsie Waters
Doris Waters
Ernest Butcher
Music by Percival Mackey
Edited by Percival Mackey
Distributed by Butcher's Film Service
Release date
  • 7 February 1944 (1944-02-07) (United Kingdom)
Running time
80 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

It's in the Bag is a 1944 British comedy film directed by Herbert Mason and starring Elsie Waters, Doris Waters and Ernest Butcher.[1] Gert and Dasie try to recover a valuable lost dress. It was made by Butcher's Films. It is listed on the BFI 75 Most Wanted list of lost films,[2] but it was given a DVD commercial release by Renown Pictures Ltd in May 2014, although the Renown version is only 63 minutes long.[3]

Although IMDb gives a release date of 7 February 1944, the British Film Institute states there were early December 1943 reviews in the Monthly Film Bulletin and Kinematograph Weekly.[2]



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