It Had to Be You (1947 film)

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It Had to Be You
It Had to Be You FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed by Don Hartman
Rudolph Maté
Produced by Don Hartman
Written by Allen Boretz
Don Hartman
Screenplay by Melvin Frank
Norman Panama
Starring Ginger Rogers
Cornel Wilde
Music by Arthur Morton
Heinz Roemheld
Cinematography Vincent J. Farrar
Rudolph Maté
Edited by Gene Havlick
Distributed by Columbia Pictures
Release date
December 7, 1947
Running time
98 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Box office $1.5 million (US rentals)[1]

It Had to Be You is a 1947 romantic comedy film directed by Don Hartman and Rudolph Maté, starring Ginger Rogers and Cornel Wilde.

A marriage-shy sculptor meets the boy of her childhood dreams, now a firefighter.

Plot summary[edit]

In this fantasy, screwball romantic comedy,Victoria Stafford (Ginger Rogers), is a wealthy girl who has been engaged three times, and has three times backed out at the altar.

On a train she meets the vision George McKesson dressed as an Indian, just like she envisioned her dream man when she was a kid. He claims that he is a figment of her imagination and will disappear as soon as she stops thinking about him. He follows her home and causes much confusion among her family. Determined to wed her fourth fiancé, Oliver H.P. Harrington (Ron Randell),

Victoria is on the verge of saying "yes", when suddenly she meets the real version of her "dream lover," Johnny Blaine, a firefighter (Cornel Wilde), the physical incarnation. At her insistence they start going out. It turns out he too, has backed out three times at the altar claiming it never felt right. Victoria is so excited to meet him and to discover that they share a lot in common but George doesn't buying it easily because he has three let downs, plus he has to do things his way. In the meantime, fiancée Oliver has a conversation with George. Who alludes to the scandal of Victoria, having traveled with an Indian on a train.

In a way he gives Oliver the phone number of the conductor who witnessed the whole train adventure. Oliver, desperate to find out the truth tracks down the train conductor, then calls off the wedding. After some days, Victoria has convinced Johnny that they have always been in love ever since they were kids and that they are made for each other. He decides to marry her but wants to speak to her father first. Because the family thinks that he is George, they are confused when he claims to be Johnny Blaine the firefighter.

Thinking that the whole family is nuts and concerned about her train adventure with another man, he leaves. Oliver and Victoria reconcile through their families and are about to marry when the vision of George McKesson shows up at the wedding, dressed as an Indian.

Knowing she is marrying the wrong man, her father sets off the fire alarm to bring the real dream man, Johnny. When the fire crew enter the ceremony, Johnny carries Victoria over his shoulder and they leave the house.[2]



Ginger Rogers, in her autobiography, Ginger: My Story:[3] "[It was] a very amusing script about a girl who backs out of four marriages. In the end she finds the answer to her dreams and the reason for her vacillation. The 'answer' was played by Cornel Wilde, who usually appeared in robust adventure roles. I must say, he marched into the picture as though he had done farce all his life. Spring Byington played my mother..., and I got to act for a few moments with Anna Q. Nilsson.[4]

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