It Really Hurts Me Girl

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"It Really Hurts Me Girl"
Single by The Carstairs
B-side"The Story of Our Love"
GenreSoul, funk
LabelRed Coach RC 802
Songwriter(s)Cleveland Horne, Raymond A. Evans
Producer(s)Cleveland Horne, Raymond A. Evans

"It Really Hurts Me Girl" is a song and single by American group, The Carstairs.[1]

In the UK, DJ Ian Levine, having heard this song played on radio in Miami, acquired a copy and played it during a Northern soul event at the Blackpool Mecca in 1973.[2][3] It caused controversy as it was not to the liking of those who preferred traditional Northern soul music based on a sound and rhythm similar to that traditionally emanating from the Motown label. The song is credited with stating a new musical genre that came to be known as modern soul music.[4][5][6]


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