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Audi Aztec displayed at Italdesign

The Aztec is a concept car introduced by ItalDesign in 1988. The two-seater is unique because the driver and passenger are separated, requiring the two parties to communicate electronically. It was fitted with a five-cylinder DOHC 200 PS (147 kW; 197 hp) Audi Turbo engine[1] and uses a four-wheel-drive system derived from Lancia Delta Integrale.[2] Only 18 or 50 (according to different sources) of these cars were ever built,[2] and recently[when?] one sold for $75,000 – far cheaper than the $225,000 they were sold for originally.

The designer, Giugiaro, also designed the Lotus Esprit and the Maserati Boomerang.

1988 Ital Design Aztec rear view


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