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The Italian Grisons in a map of the canton of Grisons

The Italian Grisons or Italian Grigioni (Italian: Grigionitaliano or Grigioni italiano; German: Italienischbünden; Romansh: Grischun talian) is the region of the Canton of Grisons, Switzerland where Italian and Lombard are spoken.

Located in the southernmost part of the canton, it includes the districts of Moesa (to the west) and Bernina (to the east), and the municipalities of Bivio in the Albula district and Bregaglia in the Maloggia district. It has a population of about 15,000 inhabitants, of which over 85% speak Italian or Lombard.[1]


The three regions that make up the Italian Grisons are separated by mountains, isolated from the rest of the canton as well as from each other. Because of their remoteness and the lack of economic possibilities, emigration has traditionally been a serious issue, and even today more than half of the people born in the Italian Grisons live and work outside of the region in the predominantly Italian-speaking canton of Ticino.[2]


The dominance of the Italian language in the canton has diminished in recent years, especially to the east in the two regions furthest from Ticino. This is believed to result from immigration of German speakers in traditionally Italian-speaking areas, the spread of German language mass media and the absence of secondary schools teaching in Italian in Grisons.[2] However, due the increase use of Standard Italian in education, improvements in the use of Italian media, and special education, opportunities for Italian speakers have improved the lives of Italians in the region. This has led to limited contact with German speakers outside Italian areas.[citation needed]

Pro Grigioni Italiano, an organisation created in 1918 to promote the Italian language and culture in Grisons, is officially recognised by the cantonal government as representing the indigenous Italian-speaking minority of the canton.[3]

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