Italian Haitians

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Italian Haitians
Total population
Regions with significant populations
Port-au-Prince, Pétion-Ville
French, Haitian Creole, Italian
Roman Catholicism
Related ethnic groups
Italians, White Latin Americans, White Haitians

An Italian Haitian is a Haitian of Italian descent or an Italian with Haitian citizenship.


The business sector of Haiti, was controlled in the mid-19th century by German and Italian immigrants.[1]

In 1908 there were 160 Italians resident in Haiti, according to the Italian consul De Matteis, of whom 128 lived in the capital Port-au-Prince [2]

Haitians of Italian descent and their mixed-race descendants today are actually numbered to be around 97,803.

During the 2010 earthquake in Port-au-Prince, the first Italian recorded dead was 70-year-old Gigliola Martino, who was born in Haiti to Italian parents who emigrated to the country in the early 20th century.[3]

Actress Daphnée Duplaix is of partial Italian descent

In the United States is famous Daphnée Duplaix, who is an American actress and model born in New York City: she is of Haitian and Italian descent.[4][5]

In 2014 Stella Jean,[6] fashion designer whose mother is Haitian while the father is Italian, is growing in importance in the fashion world of Italy.[7]

Notable Italian Haitians[edit]




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