Italian general election, 1934

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Italian general election, 1934
Kingdom of Italy
1929 ←
25 March 1934 → 1946

All 535 seats to the Chamber of Deputies of the Kingdom of Italy
  Majority party
  Mussolini biografia.jpg
Leader Benito Mussolini
Party Fascist Party
Seats won 535
(Sole legal party)
Seat change +/-0
Popular vote 10,045,477
Percentage 99,84%
Swing Increase1,54%

Italian Parliament Fascism.svg

Composition of the Parliament

Head of Government before election

Benito Mussolini
Fascist Party

Subsequent Head of Government

Benito Mussolini
Fascist Party

General elections were held in Italy on 26 March 1934. Following a parliamentary reform enacted in 1928 by the Chamber of Deputies and Senate, the elections were held in the form of a referendum, with the Grand Council of the National Fascist Party, now an official state organ, allowed to compose a single party list to be either approved or rejected by the voters. The list put forward was ultimately approved by 99.84% of voters.[1] The overwhelming majority provoked Benito Mussolini to dub the election the "second referendum of Fascism."

A ballot card, with the front page and the yes mark. The voters simply folded the card, disguising either the tricolor yes side or the blank no side to cast his vote for the other option.


Choice Votes %
National Fascist Party 10,045,477 99.84
Against 15,201 0.16
Invalid/blank votes 1,300
Total 10,061,978 100
Registered voters/turnout 10,526,504 95.59
Source: Direct Democracy
Popular vote
Fascist Party


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