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An Italian health insurance card

The Italian Health Insurance Card is a personal card which has replaced the Italian fiscal code card for all citizens entitled to benefits of the Italian National Health Service and fitted with tax code. Its rear side acts as a European Health Insurance Card. The Italian Health Insurance Card was issued for Italian citizens by the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance in cooperation with the Italian Agency of Revenue in accordance with Article 50 of dl 269/2003, converted, with amendments, by law 326/2003. The objective of the Italian Health Insurance Card is to improve the social security services through expenditure control and performance, and to optimize the use health services to citizens.


  • It contains biographical data and welfare information
  • It contains the tax code on magnetic band format as well as barcode
  • It is valid throughout Italy
  • It grants the holder the right to obtain health services throughout the European Union
  • Replaces the paper version, E111
  • It is valid for six years

The material consists of a plastic card with identical size and consistency to a typical ATM card. The cards are printed on the front with the tax code, expiration date and biographical data. The front of the card also includes Braille characters for the blind. On the back of the card is the tax code barcodes, the magnetic strip, and the words, Tessera europea di assicurazione malattia, meaning "European health insurance card".

Pharmaceutical expenses[edit]

From January 1, 2008 legislation came into force imposing an obligation to issue the "scontrino fiscale parlante" for the certification of medicines to be used for deducting expenses. The receipt shows the amount and type of drugs purchased, in addition to the tax code reviews. To purchase medicine, it is necessary to supply your health insurance card or your Italian fiscal code card.

For information on the Italian health card, or Tessera sanitaria in Italian, you can call the following number, from within Italy, free of charge: 800 030 070


The CRS-SISS is found in the Lombardy region of Italy. The people of the region of Lombardy may be in possession of a document, called the (CRS-SISS), which has, in addition to a magnetic stripe, a smart chip to facilitate making payments in the form of a cash card (subject to an individual's request for activation). The CRS-SISS differs aesthetically from the national health insurance cards in regards to colors (shades of yellow / orange), it utilizes different graphics, different arrangement of text, and the absence of the three characters in Braille to 6 points for the blind. Through special card reader, you can use the CRS-SISS to access online services provided by government. The CRS-SISS replaces the full health insurance card.

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