Italian presidential election, 1992

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Italian presidential election, 1992
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May 13-25, 1992 → 1999

  Oscar Luigi Scalfaro.jpg Gianfranco Miglio 1960s.jpg
Nominee Oscar Luigi Scalfaro Gianfranco Miglio
Party Christian Democracy Lega Nord
Popular vote 672 75

President before election

Francesco Cossiga
Christian Democracy

Elected President

Oscar Luigi Scalfaro
Christian Democracy

The 1992 election of the President of the Italian Republic was held on May 13–25, 1992. As a second-level, indirect election, only Members of Parliament and regional deputies were entitled to vote. Oscar Luigi Scalfaro was elected head of state of the Italian Republic, a role of representation of national unity and guarantee that Italian politics comply with the Constitution, in the framework of a parliamentary system.

According to the Italian Constitution, the election must be held in the form of secret ballot, with the Senators, the Deputies and 58 regional representatives allowed to cast their votes. When the 1992 election was held, the Senate counted 315 members and the Chamber of Deputies counted 628 members; the electors were in total 1002. The election is held in the Palazzo Montecitorio, home of the Chamber of Deputies, with the capacity of the building being expanded for the purpose. The first three ballots require a two-thirds majority of the voters in order to elect a President. Starting from the fourth ballot, an absolute majority is required for candidates to be elected. The election is conducted by the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, who has the authority to proceed to the public counting of the votes. The presidential mandate lasts seven years.

On May 25, Oscar Luigi Scalfaro, the candidate endorsed by the Christian Democracy, was elected on the 16th ballot with 672 votes. His term officially started with a swearing-in ceremony held on May 28.


First ballot (May 13)[edit]

The Christian Democracy initially proposed Giorgio De Giuseppe as its official candidate, the Italian Communist Party proposed Nilde Iotti, who had been the first woman to become President of the Chamber of Deputies, and the Italian Socialist Party proposed Giuliano Vassalli.

Name Votes
Giorgio De Giuseppe 296
Nilde Iotti 183
Giuliano Vassalli 152
Other candidates 176
Blank votes 45
Invalid votes 11

Sixteenth ballot (25 May)[edit]

During the long election, on 23 May, the magistrate Giovanni Falcone was killed by Mafia near Capaci. After this event, on 25 May, the Parliament found a compromise and Oscar Luigi Scalfaro was elected with 672 votes.

Name Votes
Oscar Luigi Scalfaro 672
Gianfranco Miglio 75
Francesco Cossiga 63
Other candidates 124
Blank votes 38
Invalid votes 15
Abstentions 11