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Italian Studies is an interdisciplinary field dealing with the study of the Italian language, literature, art, history, politics, culture and society.

List of academic institutions offering Italian Studies programmes outside of Italy[edit]

United States[edit]



United Kingdom[edit]


  • Italian Studies at University of Primorska

South Africa[edit]

Associations and scholarly Journals[edit]

The American Association for Italian Studies[edit]

The American Association for Italian Studies (AAIS) was founded in 1988. Its purpose is to encourage, support, and conduct research activities in Italian culture, including areas such as Italian language, art, music, history, literature, folklore, and popular culture, and well as its influence on other cultures.

Members of the Association are individuals either holding a Ph.D or Laurea in an area of Italian studies or an equivalent degree in Italian Studies; holding an academic position at the University or College level; enrolled in an advanced degree program in an area of Italian Studies above the master's degree Level.

The AAIS holds an annual meeting and periodically publishes a scholarly journal called Italian Culture.

The Association for the Study of Modern Italy[edit]

The The Association for the Study of Modern Italy was founded in 1982 by Christopher Seton-Watson, to bring together individuals and organisations from the UK and abroad with teaching, research, professional or general interests in modern Italy from all disciplinary angles.

Today, ASMI’s membership is international and includes scholars and others from a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds including history, political science, languages, geography, literature and anthropology.

ASMI publishes a quarterly journal called Modern Italy.

The Canadian Society for Italian Studies[edit]

The Canadian Society for Italian Studies (CSIS) was established in 1972, to foster and advance Italian studies in Canada and in the larger global community.

The CSIS aim is to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas through the presentation and discussion of papers dealing with diverse aspects of Italian language, literature, pedagogy, society, and culture,

The CSIS publishes a biannual Journal called Quaderni d’italianistica.

The Society for Italian Studies[edit]

The Society for Italian Studies (SIS) is a registered charity which has as its object 'to advance public education by furthering the study of Italy, Italian language, literature, thought, history, society and arts in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

It does this through its publications, conferences and its Annual General Meeting and Colloquium.

It also publishes a bi-annual journal called Italian Studies.

Association of Professional Italianists in South Africa / Associazione di Professori d’Italiano in Sudafrica (API)[edit]

The purpose of A.P.I. (Association of Professional Italianists / Associazione Professori d’Italiano), established in 1981 in Johannesburg, is to promote cultural exchanges and discussions on didactic and literary topics concerning the preservation and teaching of the Italian language and literature in Southern Africa both at school and university level, and to keep abreast with international developments in this field.

API publishes a bi-annual journal called Italian Studies in Southern Africa / Studi d’Italianistica nell’Africa Australe (ISSA).

Spunti e ricerche; rivista d'italianistica Journal of Italian Studies[edit]

Spunti e ricerche is an academic journal based in Melbourne founded in 1985 and with a circulation to individuals and libraries in Australia, Europe and North America. Spunti e ricerche's Editorial Board is composed of Italianists from Melbourne tertiary institutions and is assisted by an Advisory Board made up of Italianists of international fame. The journal's aim is to foster high quality original research in Italian Studies both in Australia and Internationally. It welcomes articles of a comparative nature. Publication is annual, individual volumes may consist of articles on a broadly defined theme, on a particular writer, or on various subjects. Spunti welcomes submissions in electronic form in MLA format. All articles submitted are subject to a peer refereeing process.

Modern Italy[edit]

Modern Italy is the official journal of the Association for the Study of Modern Italy. Founded in 1995, the journal’s focus is the history, politics and social, economic and cultural studies of Italy, Italian affairs and the Italian peoples from the eighteenth to the twenty-first century. The journal publishes fully refereed research articles, a regular ‘Contexts and Debates’ section, review articles, book reviews, conference reports and exhibition reviews.

Journal of Modern Italian Studies[edit]

The Journal of Modern Italian Studies (JMIS) is one of the leading English language forums for debate and discussion on modern Italy. This peer-reviewed journal publishes five issues a year, each containing scholarly articles, book reviews and review essays relating to the political, economic, cultural, and social history of modern Italy from 1700 to the present.

Contemporary Italian Politics[edit]

Contemporary Italian Politics, formerly Bulletin of Italian Politics, is a political science journal aimed at academics and policy makers as well as others with a professional or intellectual interest in the politics of Italy.

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