Italian submarine Vettor Pisani

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Name: Vettor Pisani
Namesake: Vettor Pisani
Builder: Cantiere Navale Triestino, Monfalcone
Laid down: 18 November 1925
Launched: 24 November 1927
Completed: 16 June 1929
Struck: 23 March 1947
Fate: Scrapped
General characteristics
Class and type: Vettor Pisani-class submarine
  • 866 long tons (880 t) surfaced
  • 1,040 long tons (1,057 t) submerged
Length: 68.2 m (223 ft 9 in)
Beam: 6.09 m (20 ft 0 in)
Draught: 4.93 m (16 ft 2 in)
Propulsion: Diesel-electric
  • 15 knots (17 mph; 28 km/h) surfaced
  • 8.2 knots (9.4 mph; 15.2 km/h) submerged
Complement: 48

Vettor Pisani was an Italian Vettor Pisani-class submarine, serving the Regia Marina during World War II. It was named after Vettor Pisani, a Venetian admiral.

Vettor Pisani was laid down in the Cantiere Navale Triestino yards in Monfalcone on 18 November 1925, launched on 24 November 1927, and completed for the Regia Marina on 16 June 1929.

Vettor Pisani is most famous as having Junio Valerio Borghese as commander for a short time during the Second World War. Due to her age, her usefulness was limited, and she saw no real service during the war. She survived the war and was subsequently laid up on 23 March 1947.