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Italians of Croatia are an autochthonous historical national minority recognized by the Constitution of Croatia. As such, they elect a special representative to the Croatian Parliament.[1] There is Italian Union of Croatia and Slovenia, in Croat Talijanska Unija, in Sloven Italijanska Unija, which is Croat-Sloven organization with main site in Fiume-Rijeka and secondary site in Capodistria-Koper of Slovenia.

There are two main groups of Italians in Croatia, based on geographical origin:

According to the 2011 Croatian census, Italians of Croatia number 17,807, or 0.42% of the total Croatian population. They mostly reside in the county of Istria. [2]

As of 2009, the Italian language is officially used in twenty cities and municipalities and ten other settlements in Croatia, according to the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages.[3][need quotation to verify]


Flag of Italians of Croatia
Narodna zastava Talijana u Hrvatskoj
Bandiera degli italiani di Croazia
Flag of Italy (1-2).svg
DesignA vertica tricolor of green, white and red
Flag of SFR Yugoslav Italian Minority

The Flag of Italians of Croatia is the ethnic flag of Italians of Croatia. The flag was introduced on the basis of decisions of Unione Italiana which acts on the territory of Slovenia and Croatia as the highest body of minority self-government of the Italian minority in Croatia and Slovenia.

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