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Italy First (Prima l'Italia) is a national-conservative party and faction within Brothers of Italy, a political party in Italy.

The party was launched as a "political association" in October 2013 by Gianni Alemanno, a former mayor of Rome (2008–2013) for The People of Freedom (PdL).[1][2] A long-time politician of the Italian Social Movement and National Alliance, he had left the PdL a few days earlier.[3] Soon after, Italy First party took part to the process of enlargement of Brothers of Italy (FdI), a party led by Giorgia Meloni, through "Workshop for Italy"[4] and was finally integrated into FdI in March 2014.[5][6]

The founding manifesto of the party included criticism of the PdL, its participation in the European People's Party and its compliance to Europeanism and economic liberalism.[7] One of the first political campaigns of the new party was against the euro currency.[8]

Italy First is supported in its political activity by the New Italy foundation, previously active within the PdL as Alemanno's factional think tank.[9][10]

Since 2014 Italy First has sided with Brothers of Italy, a party formed mainly by former members of National Alliance.



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