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Italy Records
Founded 1997
Founder Dave Buick
Genre Garage punk, rock & roll
Country of origin USA
Location Detroit, Michigan
Official website

Italy Records is an independent record label founded in Detroit, Michigan in 1997, by self-confessed "record geek" Dave Buick. (See 1997 in music.) The label released its first 7" by Rocket 455 on October 31, 1997.[1] shortly after Buick released a single by the Dirtys. Dirtys lead singer Joe Burdick claimed this was the reason Buick founded Italy Records in the first place.[2] The label went on to release the notable 7"s from Detroit rock & roll bands, from the garage rock scene including the first two 7"s by The White Stripes (Let's Shake Hands and Lafayette Blues), the debut release from the Soledad Brothers ("Soledad), and the first single from The Greenhornes (Stayed Up Last Night). In its first incarnation, Italy Records released eleven 45 rpm singles and a single mini-LP called Hentch-Forth by The Hentchmen with Jack White of The White Stripes. Out of its twelve releases, Jack White featured in the production or performing of at least six.[3]

Italy's supposed last release was Whirlwind Heat's Glaxefusion 7" in 2000. But in 2007, the Italy label was revived with a single from very popular Detroit band The Go. Buick and The Hentchmen also re-released the Hentch-Forth album, this time in CD format (re-titled Hentch-Forth.Five) and digitally on iTunes.[4]


Cat No. Band Title
IR-001 Rocket 455 Ain't Right Girl
IR-002 The Dirtys It Ain't Easy
IR-003 The White Stripes Let's Shake Hands
IR-004 The Hentchmen Some Other Guy (feat. Jack White)
IR-005 Fells Close Your Eyes
IR-006 The White Stripes Lafayette Blues
IR-007 Soledad Brothers Soledad
IR-008 The Hentchmen Hentch-forth
IR-009 The Greenhornes Stayed Up Last Night
IR-010 Clone Defects Scissors Chop
IR-011 Clone Defects Lizard Boy
IR-012 Whirlwind Heat Glaxefusion
IR-013 The Go You Go Banging On
IR-014 The Go Christmas on the Moon
IR-016 F'KE BLOOD Water Wings
IR-017 Silverghost So Lost Now
IR-018 Magic Shop Windy Days
IR-019 Terrible Twos Grey Ghost Street EP
IR-020 The Go Tracking the Trail of the Haunted Beat LP
IR-021 Druid Perfume Goat Skin Glue EP
IR-022 The Hentchmen Claude's Remains
IR-023 Gardens In Novelty Land
IR-024 Lee Marvin Computer Arm Delta Water
IR-025 Druid Perfume Other Worlds
IR-026 Johnny Ill Band Cars
IR-028 Mirrortwin Kelly & Fabrizio


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