Italy women's national roller hockey team

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Italy women's national roller hockey team
Nickname(s) Hockey rosa
Association FIHP
Confederation FIRS
Head coach Gianni Massari

Italy women's national roller hockey team is the national team side of Italy at international roller hockey.


Competition 1st, gold medalist(s) 2nd, silver medalist(s) 3rd, bronze medalist(s) Total
World Championship 0 2 0 2
European Championship 2 2 1 5
World Games not yet disputed
Total 2 4 1 7

Roster 2012[edit]

The last season of the women's national championship was held in 2007-2008, although this in July 2012 the national team returned to gather in view of new international competitions.[1]

Athlete Born Role Club
Di Santo Gloria 1998 Defender Cresh Eboli
Galeassi Giulia 1991 Defender / Central AS Viareggio
Gallotta Alessandra 1997 Central / Wing Cresh Eboli
Gaudio Valentina 1998 Goalkeeper Pattinomania Matera
Ghirardello Erika 1997 Central / Wing Breganze
Grendene Giulia 1996 Punta / Wing Roller Bassano
Lamacchia Luisa 1997 Central / Wing Pattinomania Matera
Lapolla Pamela 1996 Central / Wing Pattinomania Matera
Mele Maria Teresa 1992 Central / Wing Pattinomania Matera
Minuzzo Laura 1993 Defender / Central Roller Bassano
Pisati Alice 1997 Central / Wing Amatori Lodi
Pochettino Gaia 1996 Central / Wing Amatori Lodi
Raffaelli Jessica 1991 Defender / Central AS Viareggio
Scotti Ilaria 1995 Central / Wing Amatori Lodi
Tamiozzo Elena 1998 Defender / Central Trissino
Toffanin Elena 1989 Central / Wing Roller Bassano
Vannucci Chiara 1988 Forward AS Viareggio
Vannucci Cinzia 1988 Forward AS Viareggio
Xotta Marika 1997 Goalkeeper Trissino
Zarantonello Sara 1998 Goalkeeper Trissino

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