Itamaraty Palace

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Itamaraty Palace
Palácio Itamaraty
Foto noturna do Itamaraty.jpg
Itamaraty Palace and its reflecting pool
Itamaraty Palace is located in Brasília
Itamaraty Palace
Location in the Plano Piloto of Brasília.
Itamaraty Palace is located in Brazil
Itamaraty Palace
Itamaraty Palace (Brazil)
Alternative namesPalácio dos Arcos
(Palace of the Arches)
General information
Architectural styleModernist
Coordinates15°48′3.6″S 47°52′1.2″W / 15.801000°S 47.867000°W / -15.801000; -47.867000
Elevation1,172 m (3,845 ft)
Current tenantsMinistry of Foreign Affairs
Construction startedSeptember 12, 1960
InauguratedApril 21, 1970
ClientBrazilian government
OwnerBrazilian government
Height49.24 ft (15.01 m)
Technical details
Floor count3
Design and construction
ArchitectOscar Niemeyer

The Itamaraty Palace (Portuguese: Palácio Itamaraty), also known as the Palace of the Arches (Palácio dos Arcos), is the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil. It is located in the national capital of Brasília. The building was designed by architect Oscar Niemeyer and inaugurated on April 21, 1970. It is located to the east of the National Congress building along the Ministries Esplanade, near the Praça dos Três Poderes (Three Powers Plaza).

The word "Itamaraty" is a word originating from the Nheengatu language. According to Navarro, it means "river of small stones", by joining ita (stone), Bantam (small) and ty (river).[1] The name was also used for the former headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1899-1970) in Rio de Janeiro.


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Coordinates: 15°48′04″S 47°52′01″W / 15.801°S 47.867°W / -15.801; -47.867