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Itautec S.A - Grupo Itautec
Sociedade Anônima
Traded asB3ITEC3
IndustryComputer System
IT Services
Key people
Ricardo Egydio Setubal, (Chairman)
Mario Anseloni Neto, (CEO)
ProductsComputer Monitors
Personal Computer
RevenueDecrease R$ 439 million (2013) [1]
Decrease R$ 278 million (2013) [1]
Number of employees

Itautec is a Brazilian electronics company that was founded in 1979. The company is part of Itaúsa, which is one of the largest private Brazilian business group by sales volume.

Itautec makes consumer electronics, banking and retail automation. The company has the tenth largest base of ATMs in the world, and the second in Latin America. Headquartered in São Paulo and with a manufacturing plant in the city of Jundiaí (SP), Itautec has 5,709 direct employees - 5,285 in Brazil and 424 abroad.

Itautec is a well-known ATM, kiosk and computer manufacturer in the Brazilian and South American markets, and also has a key role in project deployment and IT services.[2]

Product lines[edit]

Presently the company's product lines include:

* Personal Computers: desktop, tablet and laptop personal computers.

* Monitors: LCD, LED, OLED and touch screen monitors.

* Commercial and Banking Automation, personal computers and notebooks:'

* Software: Point of sale, credit card processing, an in-house Linux distribution called Librix, terminal management, digital signatures, and banking correspondence, among others.

* Services and Integration: Technical support, infrastructure, security, phone support, servers and networks.

* Components: Printed circuit boards, Memory boards, and integrated circuits


1979 – Itaú Tecnologia S.A. is created in Brazil

1980 – First online presence as GRI Gerenciador de Redes Itautec "Itautec Network Services Provider" and Banktec mainframes.

1981 – Central agency of Itaú is founded, including an automation system developed by Itautec.

1982Bank of Brazil installs GRI and Banktec

1983 – Itautec automates Citibank

1985PC/XT microcomputer launched

1986 – Itautec installs the first compact Automated teller machine

1989 – Itautec links GRI to CICS, enabling integration between Banco Itaú with the Credicard network

1989 – GRIP (Gerenciamento de Redes Itautec para PC "Itautec Network Management for PCs") is launched

1990 – Launch of first Notebook computer, IS 386 Note

1992 – Partnership with Intel for server distribution in Brazil

1993 – First producer in Brazil to sell PCs with Windows 3.1 pre-installed and localized in Portuguese.

1994 – Itautec launches a second-generation ATM in Brazil

1995 – First version of Banktec Multicanal in Banco Itaú Argentina

1996 – ATM with check dispenser

1998 – Contract for 10,000 Bank of Brazil ATMs to be installed in 120 days, largest sale of ATMs in a single contract

1999 – Moves into providing corporate services and applications, including development of web sites and maintenance

2000 – AutoManager is installed in Banco Itaú, Argentina

2001 – First ATMs exported to United States/Europe

2002 – Itautec acquires technology from NMD for DelaRue, and installs the first WEB system in Banco Itaú Buen Ayre.

2005 – Itautec sells its holdings in Philco to Gradiente

2007 – Itautec consolidates position as a large services and equipment provider in America and Europe

2009 – Itautec expand international operations and consolidates its position in banking Automation in Brazil. Itautec also ranks in the 24th position in Fintech ranking, that lists the world's largest IT providers.

2011 – Itautec debuts world’s first touchless 3D ATM.


American Banker article: "ATM's Hologram Interface Deters Theft"

Credit Union Journal article: "First Touchscreen 3D ATM Launched for CUMarket"

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