Itaya River

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Itaya River
Río Itaya
Evening sun reflects in the water of the Itaya River. The water is alive with islands of trees and other green vegetation. A rowboat and a painted shack are mirrored in the water; around them lumber is scattered haphazardly on the water's surface. The opposite bank of the river is on the horizon, verdant and thick with trees.
A view of the Itaya River from the city of Iquitos
Basin features
River systemAmazon Basin

The Itaya River is a tributary of the Amazon River via the Nanay River[citation needed] in northern Peru. The Itaya flows alongside the city of Iquitos and the district of Belén.

In Iquitos, a riverwalk and breakwater called Malecón Tarapacá overlooks the Itaya.[1] To the north of Malecón Tarapacá is Malecón Maldonado.[1]

The Itaya River is the namesake of the fan palm genus Itaya, which was first discovered on the river's bank.[2]

The 2012 floods of the Amazon, Itaya, and Nanay Rivers left approximately 80,000 people homeless.[3] In April 2015, 11 hours of steady rain swelled the Itaya again, causing the Iquitos–Nauta highway to collapse at four points: kilometres 22, 22.2, 23, and 26.[4]

Children play football on a dirt pitch near tin-roofed houses on the bank of the Itaya River.
The Itaya River from vantages around Iquitos

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