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Itet and her son in a scene from the tomb at Meidum (Oriental Institute, Chicago)
Spouse(s) Prince Nefermaat I
Children Hemiunu
more sons and three daughters

Itet, also known as Atet, was an Egyptian noblewoman, a wife of Prince Nefermaat, and daughter-in-law of pharaoh Sneferu. She was, with Nefermaat, a mother of three daughters and many sons. Her most famous son was Hemiunu. She was buried with her husband in mastaba 16 at Meidum.[1]


Fifteen of Itet and Nefermaat's children are named in their tomb in Meidum, sons Hemiunu, Isu, Teta, Khentimeresh and daughters Djefatsen and Isesu are depicted as adults, while sons Itisen, Inkaef, Serfka, Wehemka, Shepseska, Kakhent, Ankhersheretef, Ankherfenedjef, Buneb, Shepsesneb and Nebkhenet and daughter Pageti are shown as children. Her son Hemiunu is probably identical with vizier Hemiunu who was believed to help plan the Great Pyramids.[2]


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