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For the genus of grass skipper butterflies, see Iton (butterfly).
The Iton in Évreux
Country France
Main source Normandy
River mouth Eure River
49°10′29″N 1°11′11″E / 49.17472°N 1.18639°E / 49.17472; 1.18639Coordinates: 49°10′29″N 1°11′11″E / 49.17472°N 1.18639°E / 49.17472; 1.18639
Progression EureSeineEnglish Channel
Basin size 1,300 km2 (500 sq mi)
Physical characteristics
Length 132 km (82 mi)

The Iton is a river in Normandy, France, left tributary of the river Eure. Its source is near Moulins-la-Marche. For about 10 km between Orvaux and Glisolles, it disappears and pursues a subterranean course.

The Iton flows through the following départements and towns:

Its length is 132 km and it flows into the Eure in Acquigny, south of Louviers.

Its basin (1,300 km²) covers 134 communes and is subject to a schéma d'aménagement et de gestion des eaux (water management scheme).


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