Ituí River

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Ituí River
Country Brazil
State Amazonas
Mouth Javary River
Length 480 km (298 mi) [1]

The Ituí River is a river of the upper Amazon Basin. It traverses some 370 km of the Atalaia do Norte municipality in the Amazonas state of north-western Brazil. It drains a very low gradient, dropping hardly 100 m over its whole extent, which results in extensive meandering. The Rio Negro, Beija-flor and Branquinho are some of its western tributaries, while the Rio Novo is its main eastern tributary. Downstream it joins the Itaquai River to form the upper Solimões.

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Coordinates: 04°53′46″S 70°24′46″W / 4.89611°S 70.41278°W / -4.89611; -70.41278