Itzacon Eire

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Itzacon Eire
Genre Gaming
Venue National University of Ireland, Galway
Location(s) Galway
Country Ireland
Inaugurated 2005
Organized by FanSci [1]
Website and [2]

Itzacon Eire, more popularly known as Itzacon (though not to be confused with Itzacon, a defunct Sci Fi convention formerly held in Texas) is the premier gaming convention run by the Fantasy and Science Fiction Society (Fansci) of NUI Galway, Ireland.


Itzacon Eire was founded in 2005[1] by Anita Murray,[2] then Auditor of the Society. As of 2015 it has been run for eleven years successfully and looks to continue in that vein into its second decade.

In 2007 it established the National Game Writers Award. This award is for Role-playing game and LARP writers who have shown a continued dedication to the Irish convention scene and have produced material of noted quality for Itzacon Eire.

2016 Dates[edit]

  • Itzacon XII will take place on the weekend of (to be confirmed) March 2016

Convention Directors[edit]

Con Director Itzacon Year
Anita Murray Itzacon I 2005
Brian Dolan[3] Itzacon II 2006
Charles Dunne[4] Itzacon III 2007
Mike Brennan[5] Itzacon IV 2008
Ciaran O'Brien[6] Itzacon V 2009
Jason Martin [7] Itzacon VI 2010
Ronan Comaskey [8] Itzacon VII 2011
Fergal Mac Carthaigh [9] Itzacon VIII 2012
Millie Kennedy [10] Itzacon IX 2013
Conor Kenny [11] Itzacon X 2014
Ross Lavelle [12] Itzacon XI 2015
Leanne Davoren [13] Itzacon XII 2016

National Game Writer Award Winners[edit]

Award Winner Itzacon Year
Paddy Delaney Itzacon III 2007
Cat Tobin Itzacon IV 2008
Sandra Duggan Itzacon V 2009
Padraic Barrett Itzacon VI 2010
Gar Hanrahan Itzacon VII 2011
Anita Murray Itzacon VIII 2012
Ciaran O'Brien Itzacon IX 2013
Michelle Haward & Feargal Keenan Itzacon X 2014
Ray O'Mahony Itzacon XI 2015