Itzhak Fintzi

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Itzhak Fintzi
Itzhak Fintzi in 2010.
Born (1933-04-25) 25 April 1933 (age 83)
Sofia, Bulgaria
Occupation film and stage actor
Years active 1955 -

Itzhak Fintzi (Izko Finzi) (Bulgarian: Ицхак Финци (Ицко Финци)) (born 25 April 1933) is a Bulgarian film and stage actor.

He was born in Sofia, where he graduated from the dramatic art academy. In the following years he played in a number of theatres, both in the capital city and in other places throughout the country, as well as in many feature films. He is winner of the best actor award of the "Golden Prague" TV films festival (1982).

His best loved character on the scene is the big Little man - a human being incessantly trampled by Life and the high and mighty, who frequently evokes laughter, but more often the sympathy and compassion of the audience - because of the nobleness, dignity, modesty and selflessness always helping him managed and overcome the vicissitude of his destiny. Undoubtedly, the unusual popularity of Itzhak Fintzi, called by his friends and public by the intimate name of Itzko, is because a good number of Bulgarian people identify, consciously or unconsciously, with his characters.

He graduated from the Bulgarian National Academy of Theater and Film Arts in 1955, and made his debut in the movie "Zvezdi" (1959).

He is the father of actor Samuel Finzi.

Selected filmography[edit]

Year Film Role Notes
English title Bulgarian title Transliteration
1971 The End of the Song Краят на песента Krayat na pesenta Deli Mehmed
1973 Indian Summer Сиромашко лято Siromashko lyato Tsvetarski written by Mormarevi Brothers
The Hare Census Преброяване на дивите зайци Prebroyavane na divite zaytsi Asenov directed by Eduard Zahariev
1975 Villa Zone Вилна зона Vilna zona Yonko directed by Eduard Zahariev
1976 A Cricket in the Ear Щурец в ухото Shturets v uhoto Gosho
1982 Elegy Елегия Elegiya Ivan Shiyaka directed by Eduard Zahariev
1983 King for a Day Господин за един ден Gospodin za edin den tax-collector
1996 Belated Full Moon Закъсняло пълнолуние Zakasnyalo palnolunie the old man directed by Eduard Zahariev

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