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Spaniards disposing of the bodies of Moctezuma II and Itzquauhtzin

Itzquauhtzin (9 Reed (1475)[1]2 Flint (1520)[2]) was a king (tlatoani) of Nahua altepetl Tlatelolco. He was mentioned in Chimalpahin Codex.[3]


Itzquauhtzin was a son of the king Tlacateotl and his aunt Xiuhcanahualtzin and grandson of Quaquapitzahuac and queen Acxocueitl.[4] His brother was king Tezozomoctli.

He was a quauhtlatoani (interim ruler). He was installed by Emperor Axayacatl of Tenochtitlan and killed by the Spaniards.[5]

His successor was Diego de Mendoza.


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