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Iuga of Moldavia (known also as Iurg or Iurie in Romanian literature, Yury in Ruthenian, Jerzy in Polish; the epithet Ologul means "the Crippled") was Voivode (Prince) of Moldavia from November 1399 to June 1400.[1] He was the son of Roman I of Moldavia (1391–1394) and an unknown wife, possibly of Lithuanian extraction from descendants of Karijotas.[1] Because of similar name and background, Iuga is sometimes confused with Yuri, son of Karijotas.[1] The nickname "the Crippled" can be found only in the chronicle of Putna Monastery, drafted in the first years of the 16th century, but its origins are unknown.[1]

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Preceded by
Ştefan I
Prince/Voivode of Moldavia
Succeeded by
Alexander I