Iurie Roșca

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Iurie Roşca
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Deputy Prime Minister
In office
16 June 2009 – 25 September 2009
Preceded by Mircea Druc
Deputy President of Parliament
In office
24 March 2005 – 5 May 2009
In office
Member of the Moldovan Parliament
In office
March 1990 – May 2009
Personal details
Born (1961-10-31) 31 October 1961 (age 55)
Teleneşti, Soviet Union (now Moldova)
Political party Christian-Democratic People's Party (1994–present)
Other political
Popular Front of Moldova (1989–1994)
Spouse(s) Larisa Roşca
Children Ştefan, Alexandra, and Oana
Alma mater Moldova State University
Profession Journalist

Iurie Roşca (born 31 October 1961 in Teleneşti) is a Moldovan politician who has served as president of the Christian-Democratic People's Party (PPCD) since 1994.[1]


Iurie Roşca graduated in 1984 from the journalism faculty of the State University of Moldova. He then worked as a correspondent for the newspaper Tinerimea Moldovei (The Youth of Moldova), a reporter for the National Television of Moldova, and an upper-level curator at the Dimitrie Cantemir Literature Museum in Chişinău.[2]

Political career[edit]

In 1989 Roşca became one of the founders of the Popular Front of Moldova (of which the PPCD is a successor). He was executive president of the organization in 1989–1994. Between 1990 and 2009 he was a deputy in the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova.

In 2005 his party voted for reelection of the Communist president Vladimir Voronin,[3] and he became the Parliament's vice-president (a post he also held from 1998 to 2001). In June 2009 he was sworn in as Deputy Prime Minister of the Moldovan Government[4] However, he only held that position until September of that year.


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