Iurii Kostiuk

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Iurii Kostiuk
Full nameIurii Illich Kostiuk
or Yuriy Illich Kostyuk
(see Romanization of Ukrainian)
Born (1977-10-02) 2 October 1977 (age 41)
Lutsk, Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union

Iurii Illich Kostiuk (Ukrainian: Юрій Ілліч Костюк, born 2 October 1977)[1][2] is a Ukrainian biathlete, cross-country skier and Paralympic Champion.


He competed in biathlon and cross-country skiing at the 2006 Winter Paralympics in Turin, Italy. In cross-country skiing he took the gold medal in the men's 15 km, silver in the 5 km and bronze in the 10 km, sitski. In biathlon, he took the silver medal in the men's 7.5 km and placed 4th in the 12.5 km.[3]

At the 2010 Winter Paralympics in Vancouver, Canada, he took one silver medal in biathlon in the men's 2.4 km pursuit, sitting, and one in cross-country skiing in the men's relay, open. In biathlon, he also competed in the 12.5 km individual, sitting where he placed 5th, and in cross-country skiing where he placed 4th in the men's 1 km sprint, 4th in the 10 km and 5th in the 15 km, sitting.[3]


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