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Ivalo  (Finnish)
Avveel  (Inari Sami)
Avvil  (Northern Sami)
Âʹvvel  (Skolt Sami)
Ivalo Airport
Ivalo  (Finnish) is located in Finland
Ivalo  (Finnish)
Ivalo  (Finnish)
Location in Finland
Coordinates: 68°39′N 027°33′E / 68.650°N 27.550°E / 68.650; 27.550Coordinates: 68°39′N 027°33′E / 68.650°N 27.550°E / 68.650; 27.550
 • Total3 062
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)

Ivalo (Inari Sami: Avveel, Northern Sami: Avvil, Skolt Sami: Âʹvvel) is a village in the municipality of Inari, Lapland, Finland, located on the Ivalo River 20 kilometres (12 mi) south of Lake Inari in the Arctic Circle.[1] It has a population of 3,998 as of 2003 and a small airport. 30 kilometres (19 mi) south of Ivalo is a very popular resort named Saariselkä.[2] Many tourists visit this place every year for winter sports (downhill and cross-country skiing, snowboarding, husky and reindeer sledge riding) and for summer activities (trekking and hiking in the Saariselkä fjells, canoeing in Lapland's rivers, mountain biking, panning for gold, fishing, etc.).

Ivalo was severely damaged during the Lapland War (1944–1945) by retreating German troops led by Generaloberst Lothar Rendulic. The village was subsequently extensively rebuilt.[citation needed]

The "midnight sun" is above the horizon from 24 May to 22 July (70 days), and the period with continuous daylight lasts a bit longer, polar night from 28 November to 9 January (43 days).

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