Ivan & Alyosha

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Ivan & Alyosha
Tim Wilson and Ryan Carbary
Background information
OriginSeattle, Washington, U.S.
GenresIndie pop, indie rock
Years active2007–present
LabelsDine Alone
Cheap Lullaby
Missing Piece Group
  • Tim Wilson
  • Ryan Carbary
  • Tim Kim
  • Pete Wilson
  • Cole Mauro

Ivan & Alyosha, also known as I&A, is a folk-pop, indie, rock band from Seattle, Washington formed in 2007 by Tim Wilson and Ryan Carbary. They were later joined by Pete Wilson (Tim's brother) and Tim Kim and added Cole Mauro to complete the group. In 2009 the band was recognized nationally by NPR during coverage of SXSW. Ivan & Alyosha's songs are represented by Downtown Music Publishing.


Ivan & Alyosha was formed by Tim Wilson and Ryan Carbary in 2007. The two met while working on other projects and soon found themselves working exclusively with each other. Together they decided to go into the studio to record. Their first release was an extended play, "The Verse, the Chorus," produced by Eli Thomson in Los Angeles, California. At the time the band did not have a name, but during a discussion about the nameless project Eli Thompson suggested "Ivan and Alyosha" from the 'Brothers Karamazov'. The two original members were fans of the genre and the name stuck.[1] Ivan & Alyosha performed in Texas at SXSW 2010.


The band derives its name from two characters of Fyodor Dostoevsky's masterwork The Brothers Karamazov. The two characters hold opposite views of the world. Ivan rejects God and toys with the idea that "all things are permitted", e.g. sin, and that God is dead. Alyosha on the other hand contends that all things are not permitted, and that this is evidence of God's existence. This is a [classic] clash of logical integrity, as both brothers have logically valid arguments, but only one can be right.

The Verse, the Chorus 2007-2009 (First Release)[edit]

Tim and Ryan took roughly a year to write the record The Verse, the Chorus (EP). Ivan & Alyosha spent a few weeks in Los Angeles tracking with Producer Eli Thompson and drummer Frank Lenz in October 2007. Spending six more months on the record mixing at Avast! 2 in Seattle, then mastering by T.W. Walsh in Boston their first release was finally ready. The extended play was released in March 2009.

Rise in popularity[edit]

Ivan and Alyosha was first nationally recognized by NPR, and was highlighted in NPR's All Songs Considered SXSW 2010 preview,[2] and were named one of NPR's top 100 of SXSW[3] In April, NPR's Song of the Day also featured Ivan & Alyosha, along with a review of their single "Easy to Love"[4]

Current status[edit]

Future records[edit]

In Tim Wilson's interview with Spinner he says that the new record would begin production in May 2010.[1] Ivan & Alyosha released the EP entitled, "Fathers Be Kind" on February 1, 2011. Also, the band was scheduled to start production on a new full length in April 2011. Prior to starting work on the new album, the band toured across the United States starting in February 2011.

First album[edit]

All the Times We Had was the band's first full-length album, released on February 26, 2013 with Dualtone Records


Ivan & Alyosha have toured extensively since their 2010 EP release "Fathers Be Kind". Supporting artists that include Brandi Carlile, Aimee Mann, John Vanderslice, The Lone Bellow and Needtobreathe, I&A have criss crossed the U.S. and Canada several times earning a reputation for energetic and fun live performances. The band heads to the UK in March 2014 to support the European Release of their debut full length "All The Times We Had" on Decca Records.


I&A also released a cover of Bob Dylan's You Changed My Life on the collaborative album, A Tribute to Bob Dylan in the 80s.

Band members[edit]

  • Tim Wilson (Vocals, Guitar)
  • Ryan Carbary (Guitar, Vocals)
  • Pete Wilson (Bass, Vocals)
  • Tim Kim (Guitar, Vocals)
  • Cole Mauro (Drums)

Touring members[edit]

  • Matt Yeates (Drums)
  • James McAlister (Drums)
  • Cole Mauro (Drums)[5]
  • Jesse Carmichael (Drums)


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