Ivan Alev

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Ivan Alev
Born 1851
Goumenissa, Ottoman Empire, now Greece
Died February 15, 1919
Nevrokop, Bulgaria
Organization IMARO, IMRO

Ivan Alev (Bulgarian: Иван Алев) was a Bulgarian doctor and a worker of the Bulgarian national liberation movement in Macedonia.


Ivan Alev was born in 1851 in the small south Macedonian town of Gumendzhe, in the Ottoman Empire, now Goumenissa, Kilkis regional unit, Greece. He finished medicine in Athens and then returned to his native town, where he started to work as a doctor. Later he moved to Kukush (Kilkis). Alev was a trusted man of Internal Macedonian-Adrianople Revolutionary Organization (IMARO) and had the responsibility to treat the sick and wounded members of the Organization. During the wars for Bulgarian national unification, Alev was a military division doctor in the Bulgarian army. After the First World War he settled in Nevrokop as a regional doctor. He died in 1919.[1]


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