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Ivan Gavrilovich Alexandrov
Born 1 September [O.S. 20 August] 1875
Died 2 May 1936(1936-05-02) (aged 60)

Ivan Gavrilovich Alexandrov (1875–1936) was a Russian engineer who played a significant role in the modernisation of the Soviet Union.

Early life[edit]

Alexandrov participated in developing the GOELRO plan, and was responsible for the Dnieper Hydroelectric Station.[1] In 1921 he headed the Regionalisation Committee of Gosplan.

From 1927 to 1930 he was the Head of the Department of Hydrology, Meteorology and Regulation of Flow at the Moscow State University of Environmental Engineering (MSUEE - ru:Московский государственный университет природообустройства).

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