Ivan Belostenec

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Ivan Belostenec
Gazophylacium (bilingual dictionary).jpg
Born c. 1594
Died February 2, 1675(1675-02-02) (aged 80–81)
Nationality Habsburg Monarchy
Occupation linguist and lexicographer

Ivan Belostenec (born in Varaždin, c. 1594 - Lepoglava, died 2 February 1675) was a Croatian linguist and lexicographer.


In 1616 he joined the Paulists. He studied philosophy in Vienna and theology in Rome. Belostenec was a prior of Pauline monasteries in Lepoglava, Svetice at Ozalj and Sveta Jelena at Čakovec, and also a visitator (lat.) in Istria.


Belostenec's Gazophylacium at the Zagreb City Museum

Belostenec wrote poems (which are lost) and sermons (Ten Commandments About The Eucharist, 1672). His main work was a bilingual dictionary Gazophylacium, seu Latino-illyiricorum onomatum aerarium (Gazophylacium or Illyrian-Latin treasury of words; the other copy of the book has the name Gazophylacium illyrico-latinum). The work remained unfinished. Except for its richness of words, (about 40,000 words on 2,000 pages of text) Gazophylacium is also important for its trilingual concept (kajkavian-chakavian-shtokavian) characteristic for the members of the Ozalj literary-linguistic circle. Gazophylacium was finished and prepared for publication by two Paulists - Jerolim Orlović and Andrija Mužar, it was published in Zagreb 1740.