Ivan Marchuk

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Ivan Marchuk
Марчук Іван.jpg
Born Ivan Stepanovych Marchuk
May 12
Krzemieniec County, Wołyń Voivodeship, Poland
Nationality Ukraine Ukrainian
Education Lviv Institute of Applied Art
Known for Painting
Notable work Portrait of V. Yushchenko (2003)[1]

Ivan Stepanovych Marchuk (Ukrainian: Іван Степанович Марчук) (born May 12, 1936 in Moskalivka) is a contemporary Ukrainian painter.


Ivan Marchuk was born in a family of a weaver. He studied applied art in Lviv till 1965. Later he worked in Kyiv. In 1989 he left USSR and lived in the United States, Canada and Australia, where he became renowned. After the September 11, 2001 attacks which he saw, Marchuk returned to Kiev. Not having been valued in the Soviet Union, Marchuk was well accepted in the independent Ukraine obtaining a prestigious T. Shevchenko award in 1997. He is the only Ukrainian artist recognized by International Academy of Modern Art in Rome as the member of the “Golden Guild”. In 2007 The Daily Telegraph included Ivan Marchuk in top 100 geniuses of our time, who create a multidimensional picture of the Universe and, being ahead of time, determine trends and development perspectives of the postindustrial civilization.A museum of Ivan Marchuk is planned to be constructed in Kiev.[2] His collection consists of about 5000 pieces of art in 12 creative series, some of which include:”Voice of My Soul”, “Landscape”, “ White Planet 1”, “A Glance into Infinity”. For more than 50 years of his artistic life the Master had 200 monographic and collective exhibitions, created thousands of colorful and monoсhrome works in his completely original technique «pliontanizm” (from Ukrainian word “pliontaty”- to weave, to wattle), which balances on the man-made and technological limits. The impact of his paintings has dramatic effect of 25 fast frames, that influences on the human sub consciousness, attracts and urges to changes. The Master created his own belief system by the artistic instruments, based on fine aesthetics and deep-rooted traditions, directed towards the long-term perspective.


Atlant UMC has published 3 books on the artist’s oeuvre. A large monograph titled "Ivan Marchuk" (2004) illustrates all stages of his creative career.[3] The second album deals with the period 1965–2005. The third album was published in the series "Painting" (2008).[4] For 2013-2016 Fenix published 3 books Ivan Marchuk. Yesterday,today...always,illustrates 8 (among 12) stages of his creative career.


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