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Ivan Savvidis

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Ivan Savvidis
Ivan Savvidis.jpg
Ivan Savvidis in 2010
Deputy of the State Duma
Fifth Convocation
In office
2 December 2007 – 4 December 2011
Fourth Convocation
In office
7 December 2003 – 2 December 2007
Personal details
Born (1959-03-27) 27 March 1959 (age 60)
Santa Gruzino, Tsalka District, Georgian SSR, USSR
NationalityRussian, Greek
Political partyUnited Russia
ResidenceThessaloniki, Greece
Rostov-on-Don, Russia
EducationRostov State University of Economics, Rostov-on-Don
OccupationOwner of PAOK F.C.
Founder & Owner of Agrokom Group
Chairman of CJSC Donskoy Tabak
Owner of Dimera Group Ltd
Owner of Dimera Media Investments
Owner of Belterra Investments Ltd
Owner of Open TV
Net worthIncreaseUS$1.9 billion (2018)[1]

Ivan Ignatyevich Savvidi (Russian: Иван Игнатьевич Саввиди, also known as Ivan Savvidis; born 27 March 1959[2]), is a Greek-Russian businessman and politician of the Caucasus Greek origin. Savvidis is one of Russia's wealthiest men and was a member of the Russian Parliament, closely linked to the President Vladimir Putin.[3]

Professional biography

Savvidis was born in Santa Gruzino, Tsalka District, Georgia. After serving in the Soviet Army,[4] Savvidis was educated at the Rostov State University of Economics in Rostov-on-Don.[2] In the 1980s and early 1990s, Savvidis was employed in various positions at the Don State Tobacco Factory.[4] In 1992, the tobacco factory was privatised and renamed CJSC Donskoy Tabak; in the following year Savvidis was appointed as its General Director.[4] Savvidis and his wife, Kyriaki Savvidi, are now formally the majority shareholders of Donskoy Tabak, the largest Russian tobacco company.[5]

Between 2002 and 2005, Savvidis was President of FC Rostov.

As of 10 August 2012, he had acquired ownership of the Greek football team PAOK[6] and entered the Forbes list of the richest people in the world.[citation needed]

In 2013, Forbes listed Savvidis as the 30th wealthiest Russian businessman in the world.[7] In February 2013, he took over the management of the Macedonia Palace in Thessaloniki.[8] In the same year he purchased 82% of the Greek tobacco company SEKAP.[9]

In 2015 Savvidis paid all of the club's debts to the Greek State, an amount that totalled at €10,886,811.[10] After his exit from the tax office he stated: "I had a cup of tea that cost me 10,8 million €."[11]

He has 19% of Mega Channel and in 2017 his Dimera Media company acquired the Pegasus Publications, which includes the newspapers of Ethnos and Imerisia.[12] On 11 August of the same year, he bought the E Channel (Greece) from businessman Philipos Vryonis and the market agreement was ratified on 21 August 2017.

In March 2018, he sold the Donskoy Tabak, together with the Greek SEKAP, to Japan Tobacco for 1.6 billion.[13]

Political career

Savvidis was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Rostov Oblast in 1998 and 2003. In 2003, Savvidis was elected as a Deputy in the State Duma; he subsequently served as the Deputy Chairman of the Budget Committee and Taxes. In 2007, Savvidis was re-elected as a Deputy in the State Duma as a member of the party United Russia led by chairman Vladimir Putin, serving until 2011. He served as a member of the Committee International Affairs ,[4] as coordinator of Interparliamentary Relations with the Hellenic Parliament[4] and as Deputy Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Russia-Belarusian Union.[14]


On 11 March 2018, during the PAOK–AEK football match at the Toumba Stadium and after PAOK had a goal ruled out for offside in the 89th minute, Savvidis entered the pitch with his bodyguards and tried to take the team off. It later surfaced that he had been carrying a handgun in a holster when he entered the pitch. The Greek Super League was subsequently suspended.[15][16][17]

In 2018 the Prime Minister of the Republic of Macedonia (today North Macedonia), Zoran Zaev, reportedly accused him of giving hundreds of thousands of euros to individuals and groups who participated in the riots against the Prespa agreement in Skopje.[18] Savvidis with an official statement denied these accusations.[19]

Personal life and community service

Savvidis is married to Kyriaki Savvidou and has two sons, George and Nick Savvidis.

Savvidis is President of the Federation of Greek Communities of Russia,[20] and was a key figure in pushing for the newly created region by the World Council of Hellenes Abroad in the Black Sea countries.



  • Order "For Merit to the Fatherland" IV degree (21 February 2008) - for achievements in legislative activity, strengthening of Russian statehood and the development of Rostov-on-Don[21]
  • Order of Honour (13 December 2003) - for labor achievements and many years of diligent work [22]
  • Order "For Merit to the Fatherland" II degree (6 September 1999) - for his contribution to the socio-economic development of the city of Rostov-on-Don, and in connection with its 250th anniversary [23]


Public organizations

  • Medal "Patron of the Year" - for the revival of Russian culture and the Rostov-on-Don region (1999–2009)


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