Ivan Shcheglovitov

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Ivan Shcheglovitov.

Ivan Grigorevich Shcheglovitov (25 February 1861 – 5 September 1918) was a politician who served as the Russian minister of Justice and the last chairman of the State Council of the Russian Empire.


Graduate of the Imperial School of Law. Held various posts in the Senate and the Ministry of Justice between 1890 and 1905; Assistant Minister of Justice (1906), Minister of Justice (1906-1915), Member of the State Council (1907), and Chairman of the State Council (January 1917). Shcheglovitov was one of the main instigators of a notorious Blood libel case against Menachem Beilis in 1913.[1]

After the February Revolution he was imprisoned[by whom?] in the Peter and Paul Fortress; later transferred[by whom?] to Moscow and executed by the Bolsheviks during the period of Red Terror.


Preceded by
Mikhail Akimov
Minister of Justice
Succeeded by
Aleksandr Khvostov