Ivan Sokolov (chess player)

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Ivan Sokolov
Ivan Sokolov.jpg
Ivan Sokolov at the 2004 Essent Tournament in Hoogeveen
Born (1968-06-13) June 13, 1968 (age 53)
Jajce, SFR Yugoslavia
TitleGrandmaster (1987)
FIDE rating2594 (October 2021)
Peak rating2706 (January 2004)
Peak rankingNo. 13 (July 1996)

Ivan Sokolov (Cyrillic: Иван Соколов; born 13 June 1968) is a Dutch-Bosnian chess player and writer. He was awarded the title of Grandmaster (GM) by FIDE in 1987.[1] Sokolov won the 1988 Yugoslav Championship and in 1995 and 1998 the Dutch Championship.

Before earning the GM title, he became a FIDE Master in 1985 and an International Master in 1986.[1] In 1987 and 1993 he won the Vidmar Memorial.[2]

In 2000 he won the 1st European Rapid Chess Championship in Neum edging out on tiebreak Alexey Dreev and Zurab Azmaiparashvili.[3]


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