Ivan Solonevich

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Ivan Solonevich
Ivan L. Solonevich.jpg
Born Ivan Lukyanovich Solonevich
Иван Лукьянович Солоневич

(1891-11-13)13 November 1891
Ciechanowiec (now Poland, then Imperial Russia)
Died 24 April 1953(1953-04-24) (aged 61)
Montevideo, Uruguay
Occupation writer, historian, publicist, journalist, editor

Ivan Lukyanovich Solonevich (Russian: Ива́н Лукья́нович Солоне́вич, 13 November 1891, Ciechanowiec, then Grodno Governorate, Imperial Russia — 24 April 1953, Montevideo, Uruguay) was a Russian philosopher, historian, writer, editor, publisher, publicist and conservative political activist.

A member of the White movement during the Russian Civil War and later of the anti-Soviet underground in Ukraine, Solonevich was persecuted and jailed. He spent 1920s and early 1930s as a sports official, photographer and journalist, all the while looking for the opportunity to leave the country. After several failed attempts he finally succeeded in 1934 and spent the rest of his life in emigration, first in Finland, then Bulgaria, Germany, Argentine (where he founded the newspaper Nasha Strana, Our Country) and Uruguay.[1][2]

Solonevich authored several acclaimed books on Russian monarchy (The Assassins of the Tzar, 1938; The Myth about Nicholas the Second, 1949) and political repressions in the USSR (Russia in Concentration Camp, 1935). His best-known work is People's Monarchy (1951) in which he fully developed his doctrine of monarchy being the only viable and historically justified political system for Russia.[3]



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