Ivan Yakovych Chornousov

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Possibly a photo of Ivan Chornousov, AKA Chorny Voron

Ivan Yakovych Chornousov (Ukrainian: Іван Якович Чорноусов), also known as Chorny Voron ("Black Raven"), was a participant in the Russian Civil War on the territories of what is now Kyiv and Poltava in modern Ukraine. He is known for his fight against communists [1] that he believed supported or took part in the establishment of the power of the Soviet government on the territories of the emerging Ukrainian Republic in 1917-23.[2] While some consider him to be a national hero, others consider him to simply be a bandit and murderer.[1] He is a prominent example of the "village otamans" or "greens", local militia leaders, who were characteristic of the time.