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Ivan Sydorovych Yizhakevych (Ukrainian: Іва́н Си́дорович Їжаке́вич; 1864-1962) was a Ukrainian painter, writer, and People's Artist of the Ukrainian SSR (1951).

Life, Education and Work[edit]

Yizhakevych was born in the village of Vyshnopil, Kiev Governorate on January 18, 1864. He was educated in the M. Murashko School of Art in Kiev (Kyiv), Ukraine from 1882 to 1884. Following this Yizhakevych studied at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts from 1884 to 1888.[1]

Yizhakevych' paintings reflect themes from Ukrainian history, such as Kyi, Schek and Khoryv, Cossack battles, and Haidamaky. Yizhakevych also illustrated works by Ukrainian writers, among them: Taras Shevchenko, Lesia Ukrainka, Ivan Kotlyarevsky, Ivan Franko, and produced paintings of common people and their lives.

Yizhakevych made numerous artistic contributions to Kiev churches.


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