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Ivan von Müller (20 May 1830 in Wunsiedel, Bavaria – 20 July 1917 in Munich) was a German classical philologist.


He studied philology at the University of Erlangen as a pupil of Ludwig Döderlein and Carl Friedrich Nagelsbach. Following graduation (1853), he worked as a secondary schoolteacher in Ansbach, Zweibrücken and Erlangen. In 1864 he succeeded Döderlein as chair of classical philology and pedagogy at the University of Erlangen, where as he also served as dean (1870/71, 1880/81) and vice-rector (1878/79). In 1893 he succeeded Rudolf Schöll as professor of classical philology at the University of Munich.[1]

His published works are numerous. He was best known as general editor of the comprehensive "Handbuch der klassischen Altertumswissenschaft" ("Handbook of knowledge about classical antiquity"),[2] and also for his critical editions of the works of Galen, and for his revision of Nagelsbach's "Lateinische Stilistik".[1]


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