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IVANAhelsinki corporate logo.

Ivana Helsinki is a Finnish fashion company.

The company was founded by designer Paola Suhonen together with her sister Pirjo Suhonen in 1998.[1][2] It launching its first collection in August at the same year consisting of seven products in dark blue denim,[citation needed] under the brand name "Ivana Helsinki". Ivana Helsinki's head office and flagship store are located in Helsinki. It opened its second concept store in Nolita, New York in February 2012.[citation needed]

In 2007, Ivana Helsinki was the first Nordic company ever to participate in the Paris fashion week.[citation needed] In September 2010 Ivana Helsinki launched its first collection in New York fashion week, Ivana Helsinki is the only Finnish fashion brand accepted in the official IMG calendar in the New York fashion week.[3] In February 2013, Ivana Helsinki showcased their newest collection Rotterdam at the New York fashion week. Ivana Helsinki A/W 2013-2014 Rotterdam

In 2010, Ivana Helsinki was sued by Ivana Trump for trademark infringement for using her first name "Ivana".[4] They subsequently reached a settlement, with the company agreeing to amend their logo.[5]

In addition to her work with Ivana Helsinki, Paola Suhonen has designed products, concepts and patterns for many companies and associates. Suhonen is a film making graduate from the American Film Institute in Los Angeles.[6]


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