Iveco Turbocity

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IVECO Turbocity
Bucharest Iveco bus 3321.jpg
An IVECO 480 Turbocity in Bucharest.
Manufacturer IVECO
Body and chassis
Floor type Step entrance
Length 9,5 m, 10.5 m, 12 m and 18m

The IVECO Turbocity is a class of Italian buses built between 1989 and 1996 by IVECO. Replacing the Effeuno, they consisted of three variants with different internal arrangement: IVECO 480 for urban services, IVECO 580 for suburban services, and IVECO 680 for interurban services.

The buses were provided (depending from the sub-manufacturer chosen by the customer) with two different chassis length, 9,5 m, 10.5 m and 12 m. There was also an articulated version with a length of 18 m, as well as a trolleybus version.

The bus is in service with numerous public transport companies in Italy, Eastern Europe, Malaysia and Africa.

Iveco tried to sell the Turbocity in right-hand drive variants in the UK, two demonstrators with Alexander bodies were built followed by a batch of six Wadham Stringer]]-bodied single-decker buses built for stock. No operator in the UK ordered any and the single-decker bus Alexander prototype was exported to Singapore for use as a driver trainer. The double-decker bus sat unused at Blythswood Vehicles' Glasgow premises for 18 months before finding its first buyer, it then passed to a number of small operators in England until a crash ended its career. Some of them were exported to Malaysia as the operator is RapidKL.

The urban 480 type was replaced by similar IVECO Turbocity-R class.