Iveta Vacenovská

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Iveta Vacenovská
Full name Iveta Vacenovská
Nationality  Czech Republic
Residence Linz, Austria
Born (1986-03-22) March 22, 1986 (age 32)
Hodonín, Czechoslovakia
Playing style Shakehand
Equipment(s) Butterfly
Highest ranking 29 (December 2012)[1]
Club Linz AG Froschberg

Iveta Vacenovská (Czech pronunciation: [ˈɪvɛta ˈvatsɛnofskaː]; born March 22, 1986) is a Czech Table tennis player. She resides in Linz, Austria and plays for Linz AG Froschberg.[2]

Based on her world ranking in May 2011, she qualified directly for the London 2012 Olympic Games, where she reached the third round before losing to Wu Jiaduo of Germany.[3][4]


Vacenovská began playing table tennis when she was six years old, because of her uncle, who is a table tennis coach. Besides being a professional athlete, she is also a student at the Charles University in Prague in the Department of Sport and Physical Education, and enjoys all kinds of sporting activities.

Career records[edit]

  • 2003 European Youth Champion Singles
  • 2006 U21 Winner ITTF Pro Tour Grand Finals
  • 2009 3rd place Team European Championships
  • 2009 Champions League Winner with Linz AG Froschberg
  • 2005, 2007, 2011 Winner Stadtmeisterschaften Singles
  • 2015 bronze medal in the 2015 European Games in table tennis.


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