Ivo Lah

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Ivo Lah
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Born (1896-09-05)5 September 1896
Štrukljeva Vas, near Cerknica, Austria-Hungary
Died 23 March 1979(1979-03-23) (aged 82)
Ljubljana, Yugoslavia
Fields Mathematics, statistics
Alma mater University of Zagreb
Known for Lah numbers

Ivo Lah (pronounced [ˈiːvɔ ˈlax]; 5 September 1896 – 23 March 1979) was a Slovenian mathematician and actuary, best known for his discovery of the Lah numbers in 1955 and for the Lah identity. He published Racunske osnovice zivotnog osiguranja in 1947.[1]

Ivo Lah was born at Štrukljeva Vas (near Cerknica, Austria-Hungary) and died at Ljubljana, Yugoslavia (both of which are in present-day Republic of Slovenia).[1]

Lah attended elementary school in Sveti Vid, Cerknica and in Ljubljana. Later he enrolled in the Klasicna gymnasium, also in Ljubljana, where he graduated with top marks in 1915. His daughter, Dr Marija Lah, MSc. works for the municipal government of Jesenice.[1]


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