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Ivo Lill (born June 24, 1953 in Tallinn) is an Estonian glass artist.

Lill is a 1985 graduate of the Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn and works almost exclusively in the medium of glass sculpting and design. He is a member of the Estonian Artists' Association, G.A.S. (The Glass Art Society, Seattle, U.S.), and the Centro Studio Vetro, of Murano-Venice, Italy.


  • 2001 The Silver Prize of the International Exhibition of Glass, Kanazawa, Japan
  • 1999 The Kristjan Raud Annual Art Pize
  • 1988 The prize on the Baltic Applied Art Triennial IV
  • 1986 The Annual Estonian Artists' Union award

Works of Ivo Lill in public collections[edit]

Commissioned works by Ivo Lill[edit]

  • 2002 - Trophies for the Eurovision Song Contest.
  • since 1999 - Annual Prizes for The Black Nights Film festival.
  • since 1999 - Annual Prizes for Estonian Drama Theatre.
  • 1994 - Glass sculpture "The Right To Hope", (47x20x20cm), "One World Art" programme. Travelling exhibition.
  • 1993 - Glass sculpture "The Trinity", (28x28x27cm), the gift to the Catholic Pope John Paul II from the Union of Estonian Churches, Pope’s Artistic Collection, Vatican City.
  • 1986 - Glass sculpture “Seven Cubed”, (30x30x30cm), Ministry of Culture of Russia (Moscow).
  • 1985 - Glass sculpture “Monster", (100x50x70cm), Estonian Embassy in Moscow, Russia.

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