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Ivo Watts-Russell (born 1954 in Northamptonshire, England) was joint-founder with Peter Kent of the indie record label 4AD.[1] He has also produced several records, although he prefers to use the term "musical director".

One of his better-known productions is the Cocteau Twins' debut Garlands. Their song "Ivo" on the album Treasure is also ostensibly named after him. He also led This Mortal Coil, writing and selecting songs, the musicians and singers for each song, and even occasionally playing keyboards. Watts-Russell's last project was The Hope Blister, releasing two albums: ...smile's ok and Underarms. Underarms was originally released as a limited edition CD; it was rereleased in 2005, with an extra CD of remixes by Markus Guentner entitled Sideways.

Having sold the label back to its original distributors, Beggars Banquet Records, at the end of 1999, Watts-Russell now works in art and photographical publishing.


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