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Ivo Watts-Russell (born 1954 in Northamptonshire, England) is joint-founder with Peter Kent of the indie record label 4AD.[1] He has produced several records, although he prefers to use the term "musical director".

Early years[edit]

Watts-Russell is the youngest of eight children in a family that struggled financially. In 1977, he joined Beggars Banquet Records as they were starting their label.[2][3]


One of his better-known productions is the Cocteau Twins' debut Garlands. (He is the namesake of "Ivo", the lead track of Cocteau Twins' 1984 album, Treasure.)[4] He also led This Mortal Coil, writing and selecting songs; choosing the personnel for each song; and occasionally playing keyboards. A few years after the release of This Mortal Coil's final studio album, he founded and produced a band called The Hope Blister. which released two albums: ...smile's OK (1998) and Underarms (1999). Although 4AD first released Underarms as a limited edition CD, the label reissued it in 2005 as Underarms and Sideways, the second disc of which has seven remixes by Markus Guentner.[5]

Later years[edit]

He had a nervous breakdown in 1994 and sold his half of 4AD to Martin Mills in 1999. He moved to Santa Fe in the US where he still lives.[2]


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