Ivory Tower (Harvard Undergraduate Television)

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Ivory Tower
Country of origin United States
No. of seasons 11
No. of episodes 35 (since 2003 relaunch)
Location(s) Cambridge, Massachusetts
Running time 24 min per episode (2003–2008)
9 min per episode (2008–present)
Original network Harvard-Radcliffe Television (1994–2009)
Harvard Undergraduate Television (2009–present)
Original release 1994
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Ivory Tower (for the period of 1999–2003, known as Tales from the Ivory Tower) is a college soap opera. It was first conceived of in 1993 as part of Harvard-Radcliffe Television (now Harvard Undergraduate Television) at Harvard University. The show is currently in its eleventh season.[when?]


Ivory Tower premiered in spring of 1994 and gained recognition as a trademark show of Harvard television. It ran for five years, with screenings on the Harvard campus and dorms. In 1996, the show was featured in NBC’s Real Life. However, by 1999 interest in the strenuous soap opera format waned and HRTV turned its focus to news, renaming the now scaled-down show “Tales from the Ivory Tower.” When the show reappeared as the soap opera in 2003, it had been on hiatus for three years. It returned to regular production with a revamped format.

In 2004, Ivory Tower began uploading directly onto the Internet.

In 2009 Ivory Tower received the award for Best General Entertainment Program from the College Broadcasters Corporation.[1]

Now, in its eleventh continuous season in the fall of 2013, Ivory Tower is the product of the joint efforts of over 40 producers, directors, writers, actors, and associate staff.