Ivri Lider

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Ivri Lider
עברי לידר
Lider backstage at Webster Hall in New York City, May 2009
Lider backstage at Webster Hall in New York City, May 2009
Background information
OriginGivat Haim, Israel
GenresPop rock, rock, adult contemporary
Occupation(s)Singer, songwriter, musician, record producer
Instrument(s)Vocals, Piano, Guitar
Years active1997–present

Ivri Lider (Hebrew: עברי לידר) is an Israeli pop star and part of the duo TYP, also known as The Young Professionals.[1] He served as a judge on the first season of The X Factor Israel.[2]

Music career[edit]

In October 2005 Lider received the "Male Singer of the Year" award from all the major national and local radio stations. He composed most of the soundtrack for the movie The Bubble, and sings the song "Loving That Man of Mine".[3]

In 2008 Lider launched a new Hebrew album and announced an upcoming English album. The music video for his English-language song "Jesse" has received a lot of airtime on LOGO TV, and Out magazine recognized him as a member of the "Out 100" for 2007.[4]

Personal life[edit]

Lider is openly gay. In January 2002, Lider spoke openly about his sexual orientation in a cover-story interview to the daily newspaper Maariv, which attracted a lot of attention. He later said, "On a personal level, I felt complete and happy with my life and who I am, and I didn't see any reason to not talk about it. It seemed strange to have an interview and not to talk about it, about my boyfriend, about my life. On a less personal level, I felt it's kind of my obligation. When you're an artist and you're doing well and you're successful, you get a lot of love and appreciation and energy and good things from people, and I think you need to give it back. Maybe I can influence people and help younger people that struggle – help them to be able to change their views, and stuff like that." Lider refused to be drawn into the debate about the Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade.[5] He did, however, accept a booking to play at the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras' "Fair Day" in Camperdown, Australia on Sunday, 21 February 2010.[6]



(Titles in italics are the Hebrew transliterations—original titles in Hebrew are in parentheses, wherever applicable)

as Ivri Lider
Year Album English translation Certification Notes
1997 Melatef Umeshaker
(מלטף ומשקר)
Caressing and Lying Platinum
1999 Yoter Tov Klum Me'kimat
(יותר טוב כלום מכמעט)
Better Nothing Than Almost Platinum
2002 Ha'anashim Ha'chadashim
(האנשים החדשים)
The New People Gold
2005 Ze lo oto davar
(זה לא אותו דבר)
It's Not the Same Thing Gold
2005 Ivri Lider vs. Henree - Fight Made available with
It's Not the Same Thing
and later on separately as well
2006 Live CD Gold
2008 Be'ketzev Ahid Be'tnuot Shel Ha'goof
(בקצב אחיד בתנועות של הגוף)
The Steady Rhythm of Body Movements Gold
2012 Mishehu Pa'am
(מישהו פעם)
Somebody Once Gold
2015 Ha'ahava Ha'zot Shelanu
(האהבה הזאת שלנו)
This Love of Ours
Total sales: 200,000+
as part of TYP

Movie soundtracks[edit]

  • Yossi & Jagger (2002) – original score and theme song "Bo" (Let's)
  • Walk on Water (2004) – original score and theme song "Cinderella Rockafella" duet with Rita
  • The Bubble (2006) – original score, theme song "The Man I Love", "Birthday Cake", and ending credits song "Song to a Siren"

Group members since 2005[edit]

  • Ivri Lider
  • Yehonatan Sason Fridge
  • Amir Rosiano
  • Barak Kram
  • Adiel Alexander Goldestein
  • Roni Arditti
  • Ariel Tuchman
  • Yogev Mazouz
  • Assaf Amdursky


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