Ivy Day (Ireland)

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Ivy Day
Observed byIreland
DateOctober 6
Next time6 October 2019 (2019-10-06)

Ivy Day (Irish: Lá an Eidhneáin) was formerly observed on October 6 in Ireland, in memory of the prominent nationalist politician Charles Stewart Parnell (June 27, 1846 – October 6, 1891). James Joyce's short story "Ivy Day in the Committee Room" features several Irish politicians who fail to live up to Parnell's memory.

A small ceremony still takes place at Parnell's graveside in Glasnevin Cemetery on the Sunday nearest 6 October. It is attended by a small number of devotees of Parnell and a brief oration is delivered in his honour (at midday).[1]


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