Ivan Babij

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Ivan Babij

Ivan Babij (March 5, 1893 in the village of Dobromirka – July 25, 1934 in Lwów) was a Ukrainian educator from Eastern Galicia, captain of the Ukrainian Galician Army, principal of a Ukrainian high school in Lwów, and activist of the Ukrainian Catholic Action.

Babij graduated from a high school in Tarnopol, then studied classical philology at the Jan Kazimierz University in Lwów. Later, he was a principal of a high school in Brzeżany, then, in 1931, took the post of principal of a Ukrainian high school in Lwów. He organized the Youth for Christ festival in western Ukraine. [1]Babij openly criticized the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, which resulted in death sentence, passed by the Revolutionary Tribunal of the OUN. He was murdered by OUN's activist Mykhaylo Car.[2]



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